Cranepay halving schedule


Команда форума

The CranePay halving is scheduled in block height, not date.
CranePay is a classic and unique cryptocurrency. The maximum amount of emitted CranePay coins is 84,000,000 (eighty four million).
The founders have carefully chosen block generation speed, block mining reward and the period of halving the reward for the new blocks. Within the month of February 2019, CranePay will undergo its first halving at block 1,000,000 where the block reward will change from 42 coins to 21 coins. The next halving is scheduled to occur in early 2020 at block 2,000,000 where the block reward will reduce from 21 coins to 10.5 coins. The halving schedule was created with the purpose of issuing half of the general emission of coins within the 1st year of mining in order to introduce more coins into circulation. The next step is creation of opportunities where individuals and businesses can use CranePay in everyday payments for various items.

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