Import a private key into a cranepay core


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  • For importing private keys into a crane pay wallet, you need to export keys from cryply core beforehand, HERE
  • Install a wallet, wait until blocks synchronization
  • Download a new wallet, after launching you can see a 0 wallet balance

  • Open a text document where it is written your private keys
  • The next step for import is moving to the section «Help=>debug menu» and choosing the window «Console»

  • Write a command
    importprivkey, and wait until the confirmation[your crp private key]
  • Do the import operation for all the keys you need to re-establish

  • After each of re-established private key, you can see replenishment in the wallet
  • After copying all of my 5 addresses I received 1000 CRP

  • Now you can use the crane pay wallet completely
  • Save you new wallet.dat into a secure place!
Последнее редактирование:
Good guide, worked flawlessly!

One hint for people with slow Internet: if you copy your existing Cryply blockchain data to the data dir of the new Cranepay installation before you start it, it will re-index the blockchain from disk (takes a long time, but not as long as re-downloading), saves quite a bit of bandwidth.