Сonsole miner and connection to pool


Команда форума
  • Register at the pool
  • Another proxy link for people who are blocked by the access provider for mining, and for citizens of the Russian Federation because of the prohibition of the Federal Service for Supervision in the Sphere of Telecom, Information Technologies and Mass Communications (ROSKOMNADZOR).
  • Create workers "My account=> My workers", write your login and password in text fields and press "Add New Worker"

  • The next step is download a miner. Press “Miner” button

  • A window opens with a choice of settings for the miner

  • In the tab "OS" choose the type of your operating system
  • Leave "Port/Difficulty" without changing
  • In the "Host" tab, select "https://proxy.luckypool.org/" if you are from the Russian Federation, or if you are blocked by access provider, or "https://cryply.luckypool.org/" if you are not from the Russian Federation, and if you do not have provider locks.
  • Press "Download"
  • Unzip the downloaded archive to a convenient place, open the folder & launch file "StartMining.bat"
  • The first 5 minutes after the launch of the miner, we will mine as a token of gratitude for work done to the developers of the cryptocurrency:) Do not be greedy)

  • After a while, we should see our hash rate in the pool on the "Dashboard" tab

  • After some more time (15-30 minutes), you will be able to see the first inked coins that have not yet been confirmed in front of "Unconfirmed". When the coins will be confirmed by network, you may see them in the green column in front of the word "Confirmed", and send them to your wallet.

  • How to send coins from the pool to your CRP address, you can find HERE)