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  1. kidyorker

    novaexchange listing suggestion

    We held talks with http://novaexchange.com team about listing. Best offer from Nova Exchange for Cranepay 0.1 btc listing fee and 0.1 BTC worth of CRP for airdrop to existing users. BTC: 32MWqa4HyERmUVhLzEKt42DmHNRS1eF4T6 LTC: MJf7YJnwS1eFaxEUZ2wFh6seCrsPK7UJTG DOGE...
  2. kidyorker

    Creating of infografik for Install new Wallet

    на примере https://wizardzines.com/
  3. kidyorker

    Your suggestions on which exchange should crp next submit a listing.

    please write your suggestion with the corresponding link to the exchange (listing form)
  4. kidyorker

    Cranepay halving schedule

    The CranePay halving is scheduled in block height, not date. CranePay is a classic and unique cryptocurrency. The maximum amount of emitted CranePay coins is 84,000,000 (eighty four million). The founders have carefully chosen block generation speed, block mining reward and the period of halving...
  5. kidyorker


    Filehosting cryply.download