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  1. MartinTheWanderer


    Well... most of the ones that I had on my radar in the past are gone or have changed their business model completely. Not sure how much you want to invest (btw I would increase the price - 400 CRP should be ok, at least), and how many users / how much traffic you expect, but the rather...
  2. MartinTheWanderer


    Hmm.. have to look, I have not been watching the market closely for a year or two... NL used to have slightly better privacy laws and had a bunch of good hosters, but not sure they are still operational. Gimme a day or two.
  3. MartinTheWanderer


    Update: Service is currently down. Apparently Google Cloud banned their account. I hope CranePayVPN comes back up soon with a better provider.
  4. MartinTheWanderer


    Works nicely (DNS leak tests etc. come up clean, it is working as intended), easy to configure, and definitely faster than my own internet, LOL Just one clarification: is it correct that the exit point is a Google Cloud server in the US? Given the nature of Outline (an - opensource, but still...
  5. MartinTheWanderer


    So - basically a free and, looking at the features, pretty decent VPN for anyone who runs 2-3 threads of a Cranepay CPU miner in the background... ? Great stuff! Will download/configure/test over the next couple days!
  6. MartinTheWanderer

    Your suggestions on which exchange should crp next submit a listing.

    I guess bigger exchanges (like Coinbene) are out of reach for now, but personally I have good experiences with Altilly Their listing fees are moderate, they are technically capable, and have some of the lowest fees. Volume has been constantly going up over the past months...
  7. MartinTheWanderer

    Import a private key into a cranepay core

    Good guide, worked flawlessly! One hint for people with slow Internet: if you copy your existing Cryply blockchain data to the data dir of the new Cranepay installation before you start it, it will re-index the blockchain from disk (takes a long time, but not as long as re-downloading), saves...