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    Joining CranePay

    I checked out crp website and I noticed you may need oldschool web developement. I can do HTML, CSS, JS, JQ, PHP, AJAX. (the backend is done by a friend of me + I do work with some attractive animating libraries on front-end) If you need so, please answer this thread or pm me on telegram @bwsaeedq
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    Cryply to Cranepay (Drawing)

    Here is a quick drawing by me for Cranpay Hope you like it
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    Cryply To CRANEPAY

    Here is a quick drawing by me for cryply Hope you like it
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    Your suggestions on which exchange should crp next submit a listing.

    I think listing in big excahnge is better than listing in multiple small ones Just an Idea, maybe better to start with small ones. Up to admins
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    Portrait drawing

    Welcome :)
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    Portrait drawing

    Yes it's on paper A5 35$ --> 32$ if paid with CRP A4 40$ --> 36$ if paid with CRP
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    Portrait drawing

    Fixed, thanx for reporing :)
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    Portrait drawing

    One of my new drawings.
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    Portrait drawing

    Hi everybody!👋 I'm Saeed. I do portrait drawings. To see my recent drawings you can check out my instagram page: instagram.com/sa8ab Link to account You can order your portrait by messaging me on telegram (id is: bwsaeed) or DM me on instagram: sa8ab 🎁 It can be a perfect gift for the one you...