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  1. Morpher

    Sell/Buy Indicators

    Hey CranePay People! I do not trust anyone signals but GlassNode is reliable source of data yet important charts available for free. I do recommend to pay attention to the following charts regarding when to buy/sell Bitcoin. NUPL location ...
  2. Morpher

    Dollar Cost Averaging(DCA)(постоянные инвестиции на постоянную сумму) лучшая инвестиционная стратегия для новичков.

    Абстракт: Не спрашивайте меня когда наилучшее время чтобы войти в крипторынок. Если вы посмотрите на долгосрочную ценность ассетов, то очевидно что именно сейчас лучшее время для вхождения. Поэтому выбор инструмента для управления вашей монетой/токеном ключь к максимизации прибыли. С приходом...
  3. Morpher

    Dollar Cost Averaging(DCA) is the Best Investment strategy for Crypto Newbies

    Abstract: Don’t simply ask when the best time to enter the cryptocurrency market is. If you look at the long-term value of crypto asseets, now is the best time to enter. Therefore, choosing the best and most helpful coin/token management tool is key for maximizing investment strategy. With the...
  4. Morpher

    SkyShine - Our mobile wallet

    🚀Hallo Everyone! 🔥 ⌛️Time has come ⏰ ✅Today is a very important day for our community! 📅 We are releasing our CranePay Mobile Wallet - SkyShine. Everything is ready to upload to Google Play (🍎 version 🔜) But we decided to share it with our community first! 🎉🎁🍀 As we respected you guys for...
  5. Morpher

    Vitalik asking for Money!

    “I propose we consider supporting a community norm that client/wallet devs can/should charge a 1 gwei/gas fee for txs sent through their wallet, we don't try to circumvent such fees, and we support protocol changes to make such fees easier (eg. abstraction enabling multisends)”...
  6. Morpher

    Выбираем тему для форума

    Голосуем за понравившуюся тему. Предлагаем свои